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Coaxial Connectors

SPINNER connectors set standards. They have been successfully used for decades in a wide range of industries and technologies including mobile telephony, broadcast, measurement systems, and radar. Our extensive portfolio includes everything from coaxial connector systems for foam- or air-insulated cables in corrugated tubes to elliptical waveguides.


Jumper Cables - Cable Assemblies

SpinnerFlex® jumper cables are ideal for cost-effectively connecting base stations and antennas. Their top-quality design, materials, and production ensure optimal connectivity, easy installation, and fault-free functioning, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.


In-Building/DAS Components

SPINNER products have already been installed in more than thousand in-building projects worldwide: they reliably and cost-effectively perform at airports, in shopping malls, on exhibition grounds, in office and governmental buildings, and in hotels and stadiums.


Loads and Attenuators

SPINNER carries an extensive portfolio of loads and attenuators. In addition to products with excellent VSWR values, we also offer low-intermodulation versions for use in mobile networks.


Surge Protectors and DC Breaks

Mobile communication systems are constantly at risk of being adversely affected or damaged by overvoltages, induced DC voltages etc. Protective devices such as surge protectors and DC breaks are used to offset these external influences. Both have the job of safeguarding the connected system without interfering with its operation. Products from SPINNER are excellent suited for protecting mobile communication installations, due to their low PIM, attenuation and reflection. Our protective devices are available with a choice of 7-16, 4.3-10 or N connector.


Filters for Communication and Broadcast

SPINNER filters are used world-wide in the infrastructure of mobile communication and broadcasting systems. Our products do not only meet the required electrical parameters, but they clearly exceed our customers' expectations.

To meet the growing demand for frequency bands in telecommunications, filters are being packed closer and closer together. This has undesirable side-effects, including mutual interference and other problems that can reduce system performance and even cause dropped calls. It is especially critical when closely adjoining bands are sent or received at the same locations.


RF Rotary Joints

SPINNER rotary joints excel with compact designs, excellent VSWR, low insertion losses, minimal fluctuation of transmission characteristics while rotating, and high crosstalk attenuation between individual channels across the entire range of frequencies used.


Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

SPINNER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance rotary joints. Fiber-optic rotary joints (FORJs) in particular require exacting optical and mechanical manufacture. And SPINNER ideally meets these requirements. We provide all of the mechanical and optical parts in top quality from a single source. All fiber-optic components are assembled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom environment and 100% tested.

We also supply combinations of fiber optic rotary joints with radio frequency (RF) rotary joints, contactless power transmission modules, slip rings, multi-media joints and contactless data transmission. Our specialties also include integrated data and power transmission solutions with a small form factor.

SPINNER builds fiber-optic rotary joints available up to 81 channels and any fiber type (single-mode, multi-mode or thick-core). The rotary joints transmit signals with low insertion loss, high return loss values, guarantee data transmission at high speeds and/or in EMI/EMC-sensitive environments.


Hybrid Rotary Joints

New technologies and more compact designs often make it necessary to transmit a variety of signals and/or media via a single rotary joint. SPINNER has been reliably supplying high-frequency rotary joints since the 1960s, and our decades of experience have enabled us to design hybrid rotary joints for virtually any requirement.


Measuring Components

SPINNER possesses broad expertise based on many years of experience. And thanks to the reliability, quality and precision of our testing components, we are a sought-after supplier to leading manufacturers of testing and measurement instruments for mobile communications.



Manifold switching operations in transmitting and receiving stations for mobile communication, broadcasting, radar and satellite systems as well as medical devices are executed by changeover switches, 2-way switches (transfer switches) or step switches with electrically controlled or manual operation.

SPINNER 2-way switches use a hypocycloidic gear. This technology makes it possible to combine an extremely compact switch drive and a very short switching time. A sophisticated mechanical design guarantees that the auxiliary contacts (e. g. for a carrier safety loop) are actuated before opening and after closing the RF contacts. Thus SPINNER switches reliably prevent accidental switching under load ('hot switching'). Where ultra-fast switching times are essential, such as in radar systems, electronic switches with pin diodes are used.

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